Rent our Art!

We are pleased to offer our Axiom Art Rental Program

 We have thoroughly researched what current market demands and have developed a system perfectly designed for the needs of our clients.

Compiled below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about this program to give you a well-rounded idea of how an Axiom Artwork Rental is perfect for you project or space. Please take a moment to look over these questions to gain a more robust understanding of what we can offer you…

Why should I rent art?

Renting art is beneficial for various reasons. Most of which fall into two categories: commercial and residential.

Many of our clients stage homes and film sets, some even have mentioned temporarily placing art in their homes for a dazzling addition to their special events. For these clients, art adds to their project and leave visitors awed, moved, and impressed.

In addition to the aforementioned commercial type reasons, we also wanted to accommodate our clients who are interested in collecting Axiom Artwork. Sometimes our clients love a piece in our collection but are hesitant of purchasing it before experiencing it in their space. This program allows you to take our fine art home for a week or more to ‘try it on,’ so to speak. You will realize how the piece makes you feel when you see it in your kitchen and sip your morning coffee. You will witness how your spouse reacts to the added aesthetic in your living room and how your children respond to its composition and color.

Whether you rent Axiom Artwork for a practical reason or a personal one, this program is designed for you.

How long can I rent a piece?

We offer a weekly as well as a monthly rental rate. In order to qualify for the latter, you must rent the piece for a minimum of three months.

Can I rent more than one?

Of course! Over 1,000 pieces of our inventory is open to you for selection. There is no minimum or maximum limiting how many pieces you are able to rent. As long as the piece(s) you have selected is/are available, you may rent it/them.

How much do Axiom Art Rentals cost?

We offer a significant reduction of the retail price of Axiom Artwork for our Rental Art program. Every piece differs in rental cost and we are happy to consult with you about your project. For specific inquiries, please contact an Axiom Art Advisor.

Is Axiom’s entire inventory available for the Art Rental Program?

Axiom has a vast inventory of pieces which we use for our projects and gallery exhibitions. With this said, due to our fluctuating inventory and artist relationships, not every single piece of our inventory is available for the Axiom Art Rental program. However, the selections for rent exceed 1,500 works of art, thus, you can be sure that you will find just the right piece for your space! Contact an Art Advisor Today to make your selections.

Is consultation with an Axiom Art Advisor included?

Your first consultation is included for preliminary selection and viewing of our available inventory. You are also able to walk our gallery and consulting spaces to view work which you may want for your project, home, or event. After the preliminary consultation, we may charge a consulting fee depending on the difficulty of the project.

If I need to plan a collection for a large space or event, are Axiom Art Advisors able to help me design my art experience?

Absolutely! We would be more than happy to assist you with curating your art experience! Our team has an incredible amount of experience and talent to make your space look absolutely spectacular and uniquely you.

If I want to purchase the work after my rental period, will the cost of my rental contribution be deducted from the final cost?

Great question. A percentage of your rental payments will be deducted from the final cost of the piece if/when you decide to purchase your Rental piece.

What if the piece is damaged when it is in my possession?

If an unfortunate accident happens to one of Axiom’s pieces while it is in your possession, you and/or the party responsible for the damage will be held liable for the cost of replacement. For example, if the frame is damaged, we will be charged for the replacement of the frame and/or glass. Similarly, if the Artwork itself is damaged, you will be charged for the piece. Of course, each damage is reviewed on a case by case basis and the best option will be provided per this review.


Contact an Axiom Art Advisor Today to Begin Your Axiom Art Rental!