Introducing AXIOM Aesthetic 10.17.18 – FENDI Casa


written by Savannah Zona
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As artists and lovers of art, we often draw inspiration from the world around us. AXIOM Aesthetic seeks to draw from that inspiration and curate a selection of works from AXIOM Fine Art’s vast inventory. The world is our muse! Twice a month, we spotlight a person, place, or concept, and curate a collection based on the subject’s essence. Get inspired with us and have a taste of the AXIOM Aesthetic; inspiration for the creative mind.

Introducing the creative mind behind the AXIOM Aesthetic:


Laurin VanBeukering 


Laurin is AXIOM’s Creative Director. She has a multifaceted, administrative role and, overall, she is the big picture thinker of our team. When it comes to designing the perfect space, Laurin is tuned into the process every step of the way. From the initial signing of artists tothe final installation of a piece, Laurin is overseeing it all. She is devoted to doing everything seamlessly and she has creative influence over everything that makes up the AXIOM brand.

Laurin launched this ‘weekly inspiration for the creative mind’ to give perspective to artists and to give clients a taste of what the AXIOM Aesthetic is and what it could bring to their space. At AXIOM, we take a client’s theme or space and curate specific pieces; pieces that will speak to our clients’ sophisticated, individual needs. We pair you with the perfect artists and the perfects pieces to make the ideal luxury living space. Every project is unique and the AXIOM Aesthetic is here to inspire our clients to create a space that is specifically designed for them.

Take a look at the October 17th edition of AXIOM Aesthetic:

“FENDI Casa celebrates 30 years of elevated design by paying homage to three iconic pieces that each embody one decade of the brand’s history. Founded in 1988, FENDI Casa was the brain child of Alberto Vignatelli, and Anna Fendi. For the first time, a fashion house launched a line of furniture and home décor accessories with a global vision. Above all, it is the story of intense, fruitful work to create an elegant style shaped by artisanal excellence and continuous experimentation, which has defined a new blueprint for living. A journey of growth and constant evolution marked by aa love for beauty and creativity. Upholstered furniture—sofas and armchairs—is the heart of FENDI Casa.”



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