AXIOM Aesthetic 11.14.18 – GBxBJWT

About This Week’s Axiom Aesthetic

By Savannah Zona

Last week, Axiom Fine Art hosted a premiere philanthropic photography exhibition at the 212 Fifth Avenue’s Crown Penthouse in New York City highlighting

the photography of world renowned artist Gavin Bond and his work with the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. The BJWT Foundation is a non-profit

animal sanctuary in Mexico and this collaboration with Gavin Bond aims to raise awareness and funds for the foundation. Bond’s intimate, powerful, and

stunning compositions capture the mission of BJWT according to the Founding Member and President of the Foundation, Eduardo Serio:

“The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation is an answer to animal cruelty all around the world.

Since our very first rescue, we hoped that the whole world could see how wonderful and complex

the personality of a big feline is. Our most fundamental concept arose from the magical words of

Jacques Cousteau: “You only protect what you LOVE.”


From these words and their logic, we have tried and succeeded in changing the way in which

millions of people around the world think and feel about lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. We

give them a deeper look into the intimate world of these species. We have shown the world through

our photographs and video show a lion can be playful, sad, happy, afraid, possessive,

full of love, or simply when they act like a tough and normal lion.”

These dynamic photographs speak to the heart of this mission. They show the range of emotion

and life that exists in the hearts of these majestic animals. Axiom is struck by the raw emotion

and pure beauty that these pieces evoke and that’s why this week’s Axiom Aesthetic highlights

these glamorous, just released, photographs.

All of Gavin Bond’s pieces are now available for purchase through the website here.


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