AXIOM Aesthetic 10.31.18


About This Week’s AXIOM Aesthetic 10.31.18

By Savannah Zona


This week’s AXIOM Aesthetic is all about Autumn! My favorite part of the Fall is how, as the

weather begins to grow colder, the colors begin to grow warmer. In this AXIOM Aesthetic,

Laurin enlightens us with the process of how the leaves change colors and inspires us with

warm, original artwork by incredible artists who AXIOM represents. These artists capture

the warm palette and balance it with the cool, creating a dynamic and distinct aesthetic for

your space this Fall.


Just as the changing seasons bring new color to the world, AXIOM Art Advisors bring new

color to your unique space. We work with private clients and interior designers to select the

perfect pieces that you are guaranteed to Fall for.


So, hang an original piece of art over your mantle, pull on a knit sweater, light your fireplace,

and enjoy Mother Nature’s dance of color just as much as we are.


Now, inspiration from this week’s AXIOM Aesthetic:

“Autumn provides a scientific marvel that closes out summer and expl odes the sky lines with color.

The process: during the spring and summer, leaves serve as food factories, this process fills the leaves

with chlorophyll, carotenes, and xanthophyll pigments. These elements each produce a color but in

the summer the chlorophyll is so strong that the leaves are only green. In the fall, because of the

changes in length of daylight and changes in temperature, the leaves stop their food-making process

and the chlorophyll breaks down. This process allows the yellow and orange colors to become visible

and also creates other chemical changes that can also make red and purple. Temperature, light and

water supply have an influence on the degree and duration of fall color.”

-Laurin Vanbeukering, AXIOM’s Creative Director




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