An Intern’s Experience

My Last Day at Axiom

by Savannah A. Zona

Today is my last day as an intern at Axiom Fine Art and I want to take a moment to reflect

upon what I’ve learned about art business in my last few months here.


I came in knowing that I would learn, but what I thought I’d take away isn’t the greatest

lesson with which I am parting. As I awaited my start date, I daydreamed about categorizing

artworks and spreading the love of art to people from all walks of life. I yearned to become

equipped in conference calls with clients, how to administer press releases, and connecting

with prestigious people. While all of these dreams did come to fruition (most within the first

week), these undertakings have not become my most valued teachers.


When seeking out where I wanted to work, I set my eye on Axiom because Russell Glotfelty’s mission is this,

“We [at Axiom] want art to be accessible to all regardless of budget or art

education. Art should be approachable and experienced by everyone”

This mission was the mantra; the axiom that got me hooked onto the idea of being a part of this business, and it reigns honest and true here.


So, what have I learned about the Art Business?

I have learned that a business isn’t built on experience, aesthetic, and professionalism alone.

Those are the building blocks upon the foundation of passionate and warm individuals.


During the day to day artist management and gallery plans, magic happens because of the

amazing Axiom team. I have learned the most from simply watching my coworkers’ drives,

passions, and inspiring fervors. Every person here at Axiom is willing to help. They give to

each other not out of begrudging necessity, but out of genuine, generous hearts.


By seeing this team work together, work with clients, and work with me, the picture I had

in my mind (of codifying the artistic experience for the humble and the elite alike) was fully realized.


I began my journey here in August and now, as Winter approaches, I am saying farewell to

the beautifully curated walls of Axiom, but, thankfully, not for long. I will be coming onto

the Axiom Team as an Artist Liaison; a position for which I am thrilled, honored, and equipped.

This adventure may come with a new desk and a new task list, but as long as it comes with the same,

amazing team of individuals who taught me that passion, zeal, and dedication overrule knowledge,

then nothing about my Axiom experience will be changed.

My Advice

My advice to those who are looking to become involved with a company that has a mindset for

progress, inclusiveness, and authenticity, is to do your research. Reach out to people. Talk to

them. Connect with them. Find a place that matches your passion, or, better yet, find one that

exceeds it. A sound, well-spirited, and passionate team is what makes art business, or any business

thrive. Make yourself into a player that people want on their team.

Challenge yourself and get your foot in the door to your future.

Before I part, here is a picture of me at my first gallery opening at Axiom Gallery:


Thank you Axiom Team!


Savannah A. Zona

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