Commentaries: An Artist’s Narrative

OPENING December 15 - January 20, 2019
Premiere Art Exhibition

Commentaries: An Artist’s Narrative

Axiom Gallery is closing out the year by introducing a brand-new ceramics show:

Commentaries: An Artist’s Narrative.

Running December 15th through January 20th, the collection will highlight four

tremendously talented potters and ceramicists.


When one encounters a ceramic work, an intimate dialogue begins between the viewer,

the work itself, and its creator. In the past, the conversation and appreciation around

clay and ceramics seems to have been lost. These artists are reinventing this traditional

medium and inspiring conversation


Join us as at the exhibition opening at 6pm on December 15th as we highlight Chris Jones, Emmett Freeman, Katie Spragg, and Adam Chau.

RSVP for the opening here

Featured Artist


OPENING September 07 - November 02, 2018
Photography Showcase


Join us for the unveiling of HER, a diverse collection of traditional, contemporary and documentative photographic works through the perspective of three female photographers challenging the metaphysical exploration of reality.

Featured photographers Danielle Werner, Mary Bel, Yelena Strokin


Featured Artist

Mary Bel

Artist Statement:

Sometimes we can become disconnected from our own emotions. The goal of my art is to help people heal by developing an internal spark that releases itself through deep thought and observation.

I am a fine art conceptual photographer. By creating images that I see in my mind, I evoke emotions through thought provoking self-portraits. These self-portraits tell stories that come from being a highly sensitive person; aware and constantly in tune with my consciousness and the wellbeing of others. Being emotionally self-aware allows my thoughts and energy to manifest itself in the form of dark, moody, and painterly art.

Artist Biography:

Mary Bel is an Orlando based artist whose mysterious photographs depict dramatic content with personal meaning. Using modern techniques to mimic the theatric chiaroscuro lighting and deep emotion of baroque paintings, she is able to create images with a painterly quality that pulls the viewer in and keeps them there. Almost all great artists, dating back to ancient Egypt, have created self-potraits, however few specialize in this genre. In each photograph a compelling self-portrait explores an integral themes of self-expression and narrative storytelling.

Mary Bel is no stranger to the public eye. Her works have been exhibited in various institutions such as the Orlando Museum of Art and Loud Gallery, and has been showcased by Italian Vogue for her innovative homage to classical artists and styles. She is able to propel art historical content onto a contemporary platform in her works by associating relevant social themes.

Danielle Werner

Artist Statement:

I believe creativity is the key to happiness; it is the key to consciousness. Photography is the most powerful creative key that we all have access to. It transcends art, science, language, time, and is now infused in everything we know. Through photography, we can create our world with more intention, more passion, and more purpose in order to understand what it means to be “in the now”, right now, always. We can begin to see life through a new lens.

Artist Biography:

Werner, a native Floridian, has been working in the field since the age of fifteen years old. Working most of her career, along side the Post-Soviet Contemporary Gallery, with no professional photographic training, but a need to document the world around her, she went on to earn a degree in graphic design and photography at the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Within a few years of graduating, Werner began traveling the world, documenting her experiences and collecting stories. Every photograph captures the impermanent beauty of raw moments in nature, with the use of natural light and unmanipulated scenery.

Much of Werner’s reputation in photography is intertwined with her entrepreneurial contribution to the creativity required to do this style of photography. Each image offers a glimpse of life from a new perspective, evoking the desire to evolve and explore.

Yelena Strokin

Artist Statement:

During my career as a photojournalist, my interactions with individuals ranging from rural Tibetan monks to large city urbanites taught me about various cultures, emotions and personalities. It allowed me to photograph not only them and the gorgeous landscapes they inhabited but also the characteristics that defined each place.

Inspired by my colorful experiences, my heart lies in still life photography. I will spend days on end composing a still life photograph, using only the natural light in my studio just like the old masters would have. My photographs are not altered by any postproduction processes, hence the images as exactly as the eye sees them. Each scene can be experienced as if it we taken from a moment in your own life. My photographs always tell a meaningful story. Each scene

contains food and props from all ages alongside objects from nature, giving each photo their own setting (ie., a farmhouse in late autumn, or an elegant chateau in early spring).

Artist Biography:

Strokin utilizes objects from nature and history to create thoughtful settings within each photograph. Informed by both world travel and art history, her still life arrangements capture the essence of another time and place, allowing the viewer to get a glimpse of life elsewhere.

Her work began to gain notoriety with the publication of her book, Glimpse Through the Flemish Window, followed by several group and solo shows both in the United States and internationally. Her work is unique in its ability to creatively reengineer the characteristics of the paintings of Flemish artists such as Jan van Eyck or Peter Paul Rubens, for example, to create a familiar but original photographic scene. Not limited to historically oriented arrangements, she has also created still life scenes revolving around pastoral life, death, and spirituality. Her photographs provide a window into the intimacies of what makes every space, idea, or lifestyle uniquely its own.

"Wound XXXIII" Juan Miguel Palacios 16" x 12"
"MetaTwo" Florine Demosthene 36" x 38"
"Lightning Striking Again" Avery Lawrence 33.5" x 24"


OPENING July 13 - August 31, 2018

Impressions is a showcase of local, national and international artists that we at Axiom have had the pleasure of connecting with. We have been so moved by their works, their stories and their approach to art that we wanted to share it with our great Winter Park and Orlando community.

Join us for an evening of discovery as we highlight artists such as: Johan Barrios, Florine Demosthene, Juan Miguel Palacios Lopez, Avery Lawrence, Blueprint (musician) and Christopher Santos.

RSVP for Opening Reception - July 13th

For additional information, Contact Sorcha Baty at 407.543.2550.

Featured Artist

Avery Lawrence

Juan Miguel Palacios

Florine Demosthene

Johan Barrios

Johan Barrios was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. He graduated from the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia. Johan now lives and works in Houston, Texas.

Madison Bloch
PJ Svejda

Certainty of the Tides

OPENING March 15 - June 30, 2018

AXIOM Gallery welcomes you to our premier art exhibition, Certainty of the Tides, a show highlighting the works of Orlando based artist, PJ Svejda and New York based artist, Madison Bloch.

As our grand opening falls in the month that women are recognized for their role in history, AXIOM looks to highlight two women that demonstrate; strength, passion, creativity, innovation and intelligence. These two power-houses will undoubtedly be a strong voice in the art world and further the importance of female artists yet to come.

For additional information, Contact Sorcha Baty at 407.543.2550.

Featured Artist

Madison Bloch

Space is a physical entity that is both interpreted and digested individually from person to person. My intentions are to set up particular conditions based around my interpretations of space and somewhat leave it to exist in its own timeline. With my pieces, it is about creating a contemplative arena for others to enter.

Abstraction may seem to alter reality but for me abstraction is just another way to describe it.

PJ Svejda

Change doesn’t happen instantaneously. Just as children seem to grow up fast, one day we may wake up to a world we no longer recognize and asked the question, “how did we get here?”

This collection is inspired by the hope of an early diagnosis. The hope that we, as members of the global community, will acknowledge the wrath we are imposing upon mother. With great advancements come great destruction. Greed and lust may only prevail so long until there is nvothing left to reap.

I urge the viewer to reconsider the footprint they leave here on Earth and learn from the natural world and not to fight with it. May we all find balance and grounding to live more harmoniously, not just with other people, but with all creatures we share this earth with and Earth—itself.





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