MONUMENTAL: A Sculpture Show at our Luxury Residential Showroom

MONUMENTAL: A Sculpture Show at our Luxury Residential Showroom


In collaboration with AXIOM Fine Art Consulting and AXIOM Luxury Real Estate, on November 1st, ‘Monumental,’ an exhibition featuring sculptor Sandro Pelicié Pérez, will begin opening at AXIOM’s lakeside Residential Showroom.

Join us at the premiere to enjoy an evening of Art, Luxury Real Estate, and Great Conversation!

Location: 472 Henkel Circle, Winter Park, FL.

Time: November 1st, 6PM-8PM


Find more information about the artist and his process below!

Some Logistical Notes:

  • Parking can be found along the street at Henkel Circle.
  • If you plan on having wine at the event, we highly encourage you to schedule a driving service to and from the event.

About Sandro:

Sandro Pelicié Pérez is a Sculptor & Decorative Concrete Specialist. His combined skills create luxurious wall finishes and one-of-a-kind artistic concrete floors, primarily for retail establishments and luxury residences. His passion for sculpture draws special interest to his work which has earned international acclaim.

Born and raised in Santiago de Cuba, Sandro’s aspirations for sculpture began at age six. Raised in extreme poverty, he aimed to use his hands to build & transform the world around him— reflecting the beauty of dichotomy and diversity. Sandro overcame many challenges during his life in Cuba; from hospitalization in a mental institution to homelessness, he eventually graduated with a Gold Diploma from San Alejandro Art Academy in Havana.

In 1998, Sandro relocated to Kingston, Jamaica and quickly established himself within the art scene. After several solo exhibitions, his work was exhibited at the National Gallery of Jamaica. It was during this period Sandro developed his skillset to create exotic themed outdoor spaces, luxurious wall finishes, and unique decorative concrete floors. Moving again to Orlando in 2012, Sandro continues his work as part of the Florida Sculptors’ Guild. His work was exhibited at the ‘La Creatura’, hosted by the Crealdé School of Art in November of 2015 in association with the Guild. Sandro worked as part of a group exhibition for ‘Sight Unseen: Touchable Sculptures’ mounted by the Albin Polasek Museum; an exhibit in Winter Park, FL specifically geared towards the visually impaired community. In addition to the ‘Experience Contemporary’ and ‘Functional Sculpture’ exhibits hosted by the Florida Sculptors’ Guild (2016), Sandro’s work has been displayed in top prize-winning homes for the Parade of Homes, Phil Kean Design Group, and for E2 Homes.

Sketch of Sandro’s work

In His Own Words:

“I am largely influenced by my exposure to a diverse cross section of textures and media, where my choice of specific materials is informed by the message I wish to convey— having ranged from fiberglass, wood, clay, concrete, marble, and various metals. My process is dictated through the language of design. A piece develops alongside keen attention to clean lines, defined form, intense shadows, light, space, and texture. Over time my work has evolved from detailed expression to more contemporary and simplified forms.

Motivated by social issues, I also wish to present the human body in honorable form, equally acknowledging its beauty, dignity, and value. My aim is to inspire and provoke thought that awakens the human spirit.

From Ashes, Beauty; Weakness, Strength. From Rejected Things, the Restored.”

-Sandro Pelicié Pérez

Featured below is the artist himself. Follow AXIOM Gallery on Social media to get sneak peeks of the show! @axiomgallery
Sandro will be at Axiom’s Showroom to discuss his art.

November 1 @ 18:00
6:00 pm — 8:00 pm (2h)

472 Henkel Circle Winter Park FL 32789, AXIOM Gallery

Sandro Pelicié Pérez


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