“Layered” A Solo Exhibition of Jeremy Mangerchine

“Layered” A Solo Exhibition of Jeremy Mangerchine


LAYERED celebrates the brilliant artistry of Jeremy Mangerchine. Jeremy is a New Orleans based artist who draws inspiration from the layers of the culture and history of the world. AXIOM Fine art is having a solo exhibition of Jeremy’s works in September and the artist himself will be at the Gallery to share about his process and passion. Walk away from this event feeling inspired by a brilliant, artistic mind and maybe even walk away with one of his original paintings.

Jeremy has created an exclusive piece never before seen in person by the public, “Good Times are of the Essence” (96″ x 72″).


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More About Jeremy’s Works:

Old walls and tattered dumpsters tell stories about the present. Every layer of graffiti and grime amalgamates history into a portrait of now: of present experience, of culture, and of the social, religious and political environment. The wounds inflicted by human contact and the elements over time deepens their story and accentuates their beauty, the result a victorious palimpsest. In his work, Jeremy recreates surfaces like these in vibrant, layered paintings that are raw and refined.

You are Free’ by Mangerchine

Jeremy’s work is about connection. It is a conversation with the wisdom of all ages and how it is experienced in times of past and present. It extracts the meaning of the past and expresses it for the current record.

His work also considers what is lost when history is condensed to a single, linear narrative and contained in monolithic monuments. Some of history is intentionally erased by power, some accidentally lost by chance. In his work, Jeremy paints the eternal wisdom that may have been deleted, ignored or overlooked by the authors of official history.

In an age when connection seems to be more common than ever, Jeremy believes we may be fooling ourselves. During his travels to India, he experienced a culture far less connected by technology, but far more connected both spiritually and personally. This begs the question: What are we in America actually connecting to?

Jeremy’s work explores the difference between connection with something real versus connection with a facade. Can a painting connect a modern viewer with ancient wisdom, sparking a personal transformation and igniting a desire to tell their own narrative for future generations?

To schedule a private tour of the show or to get more information, email savannah@axiomfineart.com, call 407.543.2550, or visit axiomfineart.com.


Listen to Your Heart‘ by Mangerchine

September 13 @ 18:00
6:00 pm — 9:00 pm (3h)

AXIOM Gallery

jeremy mngerchine

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