Art for ALL: An Approachable Art Initiative

Art for ALL: An Approachable Art Initiative

“We want art to be accessible to all regardless of budget or art education. Art should be approachable and experienced by everyone.”

-Russell Glotfelty, Axiom Founder and CEO

AXIOM’s October Exhibition is setup to capitalize upon our core mission: making fine art accessible to all. Russell Glotfelty, AXIOM’s Founder and CEO had a clear goal in mind when launching AXIOM: “to work with collectors at every level to best fit their goals, factoring in budget, lifestyle, and long-term intentions. Everyone should understand and own artwork, it completes an environment on an intimate level.” AXIOM is not only a Fine Art Gallery but also an Art Consulting firm. With ‘Art for All’, we are utilizing our expert curation, framing, and art-sourcing team to create a show where first-time collectors and seasoned art aficionados alike will be able to find a piece which speaks specifically to them.









‘Rotten Candy Ghost’ by Adam Handler (12 x 14 inches)

‘Missed the Boat’ by CHIO (24 x 18 inches)

‘Art for All’ will include prominent artists such as Hockney, Picasso, and Botero while also including emerging artists from around central Florida and around the world. We are utilizing approachably priced pieces so that we can kindle young collectors’ love for discovering and obtaining original artwork. Our team will be at the event giving tips on framing, placement, and diversifying your collection.

‘Days of the Week III’ by Donald Baechler (19 x 25 inches)

This event is open to all and will be having an opening reception on Friday October 11th to coincide with the annual Autumn Arts Festival on the 12th & 13th. AXIOM will also have our doors open during the weekend festivities.

Come out to AXIOM Gallery on October 11th-13th to grow your art collection and gain insight on the tips of the trade!


RSVP here

October 11 @ 17:00
5:00 pm — 7:00 pm (2h)

AXIOM Gallery

Artists such as, AXIOM Studio, Catalina Penagos, Chris Jones, david hockney, Peterson Guerrier, PJ Svejda, Stephen Wilson

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