Meet Jeremy Mangerchine

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Jeremy Mangerchine is a New Orleans based visual artist. Having grown up in multiple cities and traveled the world, Jeremy has a unique blend of perspectives and inspiration that heightens his vibrant style. His works delve into the exploration and discovery of his individuality by extracting his life-infused emotions and ideals and placing them intuitively on canvas, bringing the viewer along for the journey. With a tremendously optimistic outlook on the limitless possibilities of life, Jeremy weaves inspiration, hope, and fervor for achieving what is possible and impossible into his artwork

Jeremy is inspired by the urban landscape around him. From weathered down garbage dumps, to exposed brick and decaying walls, his works mimic the intrigue and mystery of city life by inviting the audience to look further into the art. Each layer of painting or mixed media is another obstacle to look past in order to discover something fresh and new at the very core of the artwork’s essence.