Meet Dakota Havard

A story teller for our generation, Dakota speaks with his brush and pencils in a raw, real, and personal way, evoking our most primitive emotions and allowing us to discover new perspective.

Emerging Artist Dakota Schreck Havard was born in Foley, Alabama in 1995 and is currently creating work in the Netherlands. Havard’s work takes on many different motifs, mediums and subjects in a naive childlike review and reproduction of events in his past and larger scale global events that find its way into the studio. Meta in nature and in contemporaneous theory, the pictures presented can be narrative paintings or narrative writings of personal subjective events that can be found to relate universally, and ides that find themselves in finite objectivity. Ideas of humanity, nationality, gender, mundanity, psychedelia and mental illness all inform the work and form the conceptual base behind Havard’s often quick and chaotic practice. Havard’s latest works have manifested themselves in the form of unsophisticated drawings of animals that make themselves symbols of nations, emotions, and ideals.

He received his B.F.A. in painting from The Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA in the spring of 2017. Havard has exhibited his work in various group and solo shows in Philadelphia, PA, Savannah, GA and Orlando, FL. He co-formed ‘On the Block’ which is a growing collaborative of artists coming together in alternative spaces (usually a home) to bring together people to view art in a less pretentious setting and to allow for more awareness of “now” and to have looser, more constructive conversation on the stance of art and artists in the world.