Meet Douglas Nesbitt

“As an artist I feel an obligation to share what I perceive as beautiful, visually interesting, and thought provoking especially with those too consumed with life’s daily commitments to take even a fleeting moment to see, to understand, to appreciate the beauty that constantly surrounds us.” Douglas Nesbitt

Uncompromising reality has led photographer Douglas J. Nesbitt into nearly every aspect of contemporary photography, from advertising to portraiture to documentation to fine art. When he manipulates certain images, the result creates a completely new narrative. Nesbitt’s recent work, including photos from around Orlando, shows us our own context in a fresh way and brings us other contexts for contemplation and insight.

Nesbitt’s Mission: “Photographing the obvious and redefining the subject structure by using a perfect synergy of lens, light, and composition is especially appealing to me. A bench is no longer a bench but a fractal; a visual art concept saturated in a myriad of colors and multiple dimensions.

A word from the late artist:

I prefer to have my photographs speak on my behalf as any attempt to convey the depth of my visual emotion verbally is impossible. My camera addresses everything, fears nothing, and can document a plethora of topics in color, black & white, and occasionally sepia. It sees spirituality but not religion. It can be biased yet seek out beauty in all of its many shapes and forms.