About Us

AXIOM Gallery’s mission is to be culturally inclusive and provide opportunities for residents of Orlando and visitors to ‘the city beautiful’, a chance to connect in engaging, educational and entertaining experiences.

Our modest 1,500 square foot gallery, is nestled in the heart of Winter Park off West New England Avenue. We are a welcomed platform for collaborations with institutions such as fine art museums, galleries, a variety of non-profit organizations, and commercial retailers.

AXIOM Gallery Hours

Mon – Fri 9AM to 6PM
Sat, Sun By Appointment


268 W New England Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

“AXIOM’s goal is to bring a fresh life and style to collecting art. We bring a very hands-on approach to the collector, whether they’re ‘Blue Chip’ buyers or discovering art for the first time. We want art to be accessible to all regardless of budget or art education. Art should be approachable and experienced by everyone.”

Russell A. Glotfelty
Founder & CEO

A Brief History


“AXIOM Fine Art Consulting is the next phase in my 36-year art career. My love and passion revolves around fine art and the patronage of new talent. After settling in Winter Park in 1979, this became my home. Fortuitously, a longtime friend and customer had this amazing corporate office and gallery space that was a perfect fit with AXIOM’s vision and goals. In regard to introducing AXIOM now, I had achieved everything I set out to in the commercial arena, so it was time for a new adventure.”

Russell A Glotfelty, Founder/CEO


AXIOM Gallery is officially opened in March of 2018.
Our first exhibition was Certainty of the Tides.
Residents of Winter Park and Orlando were invited to tour the space and meet with the artists exhibited.


We’re known for curating beautiful original artwork for businesses, private collectors, and interior designers, from monumental works to emerging artists, we have it all. In 2018 we partnered with Design Studio 15, Luxury Living Group, Sotheby’s Realty, and Madison Equities in a collaboration of epic proportions. AXIOM Gallery and AXIOM Fine Art were the exclusive curators of the prestigious 212 Fifth Avenue Penthouse in NYC. Over USD$ 1 Million in artwork was provided, curated specifically for the 212 Fifth Ave Atelier Collection. An amazing milestone, but most definitely not the last!


Continuing on our path to epic milestones. AXIOM Gallery and AXIOM Fine Art were selected to be the exclusive art curators for Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum in Miami, FL. Exquisite art pieces for a modern and sophisticated space. The building is set to open later this year.

Submit Your Artwork

AXIOM Gallery prides itself as a platform for artists with extraordinary talent to gain exposure on a global basis. Partnered with our sister company, AXIOM Fine Art, artists consigned and represented by us have the opportunity to have their works presented before collectors, interior designers, real estate developers, and more. We are revolutionizing the way galleries work by giving artists exposure like they may not find in a traditional gallery setting.

The Process

Once submitted, artwork is reviewed by both the Artist Liaison, as well as the Creative Director on a monthly basis. If both parties find that the style and quality of work may fit current or future projects, our Artist Liaison will reach out with further details of what AXIOM Gallery may be able to offer you.


Our process for evaluating prospective artists involves each potential artist sending a ‘Comprehensive Prospectus’ of his/her work including the following:

  1. Three to Five high quality images exemplifying your work and style.
  2. An Artist Resume/CV
  3. An Artist Bio/Statement