Month: November 2018

Axiom Aesthetic 11.28.18 – Art Basel

About This Week’s Axiom Aesthetic By Savannah Zona What is inspiring us at Axiom this week? . Well, with early December quickly approaching, we can’t get our minds off of Art Basel-Miami Beach! The world-renowned art fair begins December 6th and runs through the 9th. . Art Basel is a time for artists and galleries to make their marks and […]
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AXIOM Aesthetic 10.31.18

  About This Week’s AXIOM Aesthetic 10.31.18 By Savannah Zona   This week’s AXIOM Aesthetic is all about Autumn! My favorite part of the Fall is how, as the weather begins to grow colder, the colors begin to grow warmer. In this AXIOM Aesthetic, Laurin enlightens us with the process of how the leaves change colors and inspires us with […]
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